ZURICH, Switzerland – May 4, 2022 – Brian Mehling, MD, a world-renowned stem cell researcher, board-certified orthopedic trauma surgeon, board-certified in anti-aging medicine, and founder of Blue Horizon International (BHI), will be attending the Annual World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos from May 22-26. This will be Dr. Mehling’s ninth year attending the global conference.

The 52nd Annual Meeting will convene on the theme “Working Together, Restoring Trust,” with the aim to address economic, environmental, political and social fault-lines exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic.
Dr. Mehling and his team will be available onsite to share insights on the current and upcoming breakthroughs within the stem cells arena, as pertinent to the technology revolution and the future of the world.

“Stem cell therapies are, without a doubt, the future of medicine. I believe they will become the preferred substitutes for many surgical, pharmacological, and rehabilitative medical services,” shared Dr. Brian Mehling, Founder of Blue Horizon International. “The importance of research and the key direction that it will take will truly shape the way patients with chronic conditions, disorders, and acute diseases are treated.”

WEF began as a forum to generate ideas and solutions to help shape the global, regional, and industry agendas. The event attracts top-level business leaders from all over the world. Attendees include C-suite executives from corporations, heads of state and government, leaders of international organizations, civil society and religious organizations, academia, the media, and the arts.

Onsite interviews with Dr. Mehling at WEF will be available upon request and handled on a first-come, first-serve basis. To learn more about WEF, please visit: http://www.weforum.org

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