The 2020 World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos will explore the ideas, innovations and discoveries that are reshaping our world by working closely with those in the vanguard of change from such fields as the arts, culture, engineering, media, medicine, science, and technology.
The US-based company BHI Therapeutic Sciences (BHITS) represented by Brian Mehling, MD, Founder and Chief Medical Officer; Klara Doert, President of International Business Development; Katarina Novakova, MSc, President of BHI Slovakia ; Alan Pereira, President of BHI Brazil ; Marko Cuka, CTO; and Melieck Robinson, International Consultant; is set to attend the annual meeting and participate in conversations, networking events, and attend sessions and panel discussions. This is the eight year, the organization will send representatives to the meeting.
Dr. Mehling explained what stem cells could mean to global health, and how it is creating a future in which many chronic conditions and diseases will be managed with stem cells rather than allopathic medicine or traditional medicine.
“Stem cell treatments are, without a doubt, the future of medicine.” Dr. Mehling states. “It is very important that people making decision on what direction the world will take in regards to research and medical treatments, are educated about not only the possibilities in stem cell research but also about all the treatments that are already available for many patients with different chronic conditions, ” he added.
“By strategically placing our clinic in Slovakia, the heart of Europe, the most innovative research and treatments within the stem cell field is available for the global markets, just 45 minutes away from Vienna International airport, “ said Ms. Novakova.
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