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BHI REJUVE: Low Testosterone Symptoms – BHI REJUVE

BHI REJUVE: Low Testosterone Symptoms

Lack of Energy 

Chronic fatigue or low energy is a big sign of low testosterone and can have a huge impact on your life. Feeling tired can reduce your productivity and stop you doing the things you enjoy. Regulating your testosterone levels can improve this symptom and have you feeling re-energized and strong again. 

Low Libido

When your testosterone levels are low, so is your desire to have sex. This can have a big impact on relationships and intimacy in your life. However this issue can be fixed by boosting your testosterone levels back within normal range. 

Weak Erections 

Struggling to maintain an erection or feeling like your erection is weak can have a really negative affect on self-esteem and self-confidence. Often, men find this embarrassing to talk about and feel like it is something to be ashamed of. But this issue can be strongly linked to low testosterone and the reduced sex drive that comes with it. By increasing testosterone, you can increase your performance in the bedroom and feel like yourself again. 

Poor Sleep

Sleep and testosterone have a close relationship. Low testosterone can alter your sleep cycle and make you have less deep sleep cycles. On the other hand, less sleep makes you produce less testosterone and healthy men who cut down on their sleep often experience a drop in testosterone. As these two go hand in hand, it is important to get the right balance to have you feeling your best. 

Decreased Muscle and Strength

Declining testosterone levels or low testosterone can cause a decrease in muscle as testosterone helps to build muscle. As muscle mass is loss, a decrease in strength can occur and you might find familiar exercises more difficult. Research has shown that men over 65 with higher levels of testosterone lose less muscle as they age and have better preserved strength. Even in younger men, boosting your testosterone back to normal levels will have you feeling stronger and more powerful in the gym. 

Decreased Performance and Concentration

Having adequate testosterone is vital for your cognitive function, also known as your thinking skills. Men with low testosterone experience reduced concentration, poor memory and reduced organisational skills or multitasking. This can ultimately leave you falling short in your professional and personal life. Studies have shown that testosterone replacement therapy can effectively repair these cognitive issues. Because of this, the treatment has been recommended to all men with low testosterone who experience poor concentration and memory.  


Low testosterone is often seen in men who are depressed, although scientists aren’t exactly sure why. Often when men have high levels of the stress hormone, cortisol, the level of testosterone drops further. This can make you feel more angry, irritable and stressed. A 2018 study found that depression scores in men improved significantly when they received testosterone supplements.

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