BHI Rejuve is a trusted leader in anti-aging sciences and rejuvenation therapies, founded by Brian Mehling, M.D.  Dr. Mehling is a leader in anti-aging technologies and can be seen at any number of elite and prestigious conferences worldwide.

BHI Rejuve “Rejuvenate your life”

What is BHI Rejuve?

BHI Rejuve is a hormone optimization program where each patient is evaluated  with an extensive assessment of labs.  After all labs are completed by the patient, a comprehensive evaluation of the results is conducted; if necessary, patients are put on a hormone optimization program which is personalized for each individual.

BHI Rejuve for Men

History behind hormones and what they do to your body

A man’s testosterone levels start to fall, by about one percent a year, beginning in his 40s. As men reach their 50s, 60s, and beyond, they may start to have signs and symptoms of low testosterone such as lower sex drive and sense of vitality, erectile dysfunction, decreased energy, reduced muscle mass and bone density, and anemia. These signs and symptoms are often called hypogonadism (“hypo” meaning low functioning and “gonadism” referring to the testicles). Researchers estimate that the condition affects anywhere from 2,000,000 to 6,000,000 men in the United States. Yet it is an underdiagnosed problem, with only about five of those affected receiving treatment.

Human growth hormone also known as somatotropin, is a peptide that stimulates growth, cell reproduction, and regeneration. It is your body’s healing hormone. When your level is optimal your body recovers from injury or surgery quicker. This is the reason many athletes seek growth hormone. GH improves wound healing, bones, sexual performance, cholesterol, blood pressure, body fat, lean body mass, mood, energy level, vision, memory, cognitive function, immune function, hair regrow, skin, and maintenance of vital organs.

What are the potential benefits of the BHI Rejuve Program?

Improved Sex Drive

Hair Growth

Increased Stamina

Increased Muscle and Bone Mass

Weight Loss

Increased confidence

BHI Rejuve for Women

BHI Rejuve now offers services for women, too. 

Here are the indications of hormone replacement therapy for women:

  • Treatment of early menopause symptoms: premature menopause (age <40 years) or early menopause (45-51 years).
  • Treatment of menopausal symptoms:  (age <60 years).

Benefits of hormone replacement therapy in women: 

Treatment of hot flashes and night sweats

Improvement in sleep, muscle aches, pains, mood, depression symptoms

Improvement in cognitive function

Reduction in osteoporosis risk in women at high risk of fracture

Reduction in cardiovascular disease

Lower risk of colorectal cancer

Reduction of hormonal aging, increase in skin collagen content, thickness, elasticity, and hydration, improvement in wound healing

Improvement in migraine symptoms

How much will the BHI Rejuve program cost me?

Our goal is to make this program affordable to everyone which is why we will work with your insurance company and specialty pharmacies (in the tristate area) to ensure the lowest cost to you.

We offer a three month FREE trial period (this does NOT include medication)

Participation in this program is $3,000 per year, less any monies paid by your health insurance, Please be aware that cost does NOT include any medication prescribed.

The monthly cost for medication on average will cost between $300- $450.

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